Establish is a daydream created by longtime friends, Erica Maver and Sara Stockalper. For years, they toyed with the idea of opening a shop together, curating their favorite goods and wares from creative friends, travels, and things of their own creation. In 2012, they found themselves living in the same city, ready to take giant leaps, and looking for inspiration. With vision and enthusiasm, Establish opened the doors in July 2012. 

Establish is a lifestyle shop. A lifestyle created by the people & artists we meet; the artists we have studied; the places we have lived, have traveled to and will travel to; and the environment we experience. The purpose is to integrate our style with the landscape of the evolving neighborhood, while offering unique goods and services to the area. We use the space for an energetic variety of creative processes - open to all who are searching for inspiration and collaboration. 

In 2019, Erica’s sister, Lyndsay, joined forces with the Establish online shop. Lyndsay’s shop, The Plant Shack was opened in 2015 and is located near their hometown in Gloucester, MA. Lyndsay’s online offerings are a combination of eclectic jewelry, vintage goods, vessels for planting and whatever she has picked up from her travels. The girls are excited to combine each of their styles to make an exclusive online shop for you.

We invite you to swing by the store to have a look or if you are far, check out our growing online inventory. But we do hope one day you can come by and say hello!