HANG ME: favorite hanging plants

We know it's pretty obvious when you walk in store how much we love plants. It's been proven they can be mood boosters - so why not keep 'em around. Establish is usually full of greenery - in vintage cups, pots, hanging from the ceilings and walls. Really anywhere we can find the space to stick a plant – we will! 

We love the idea of hanging plants. It is such a great alternative to a plant sitting on your window sill, staircase or wherever you may let your plant rest. There are a wide variety of plants that like to trail as they grow, and that is the beauty of hangers.

So if you're ever in the need of a quick guide to hanging plants - here's a few of our favorites:

The Fish Hook succulent (or it's real name "Senecio Succulent") is so amazing. It's a quick grower, trails all over and though it does like light can handle indirect light areas. This one has become one of my personal favorites. The fish hook looks great in macrames and are very easy to manage - yes & yes.

Another one from the succulent family is the donkey tail (Sedum morganianum). Easy to grow and have really neat bead like leaves. You'll find these little beads tend to drop off if you brush against them, but not to worry - these dropped beads can be placed in a container and will start to grow a new plant!

One of the easiest to grow plants - you can neglect this plant, but you really shouldn't because spider plants (Chlorophytum) will help improve the quality of the air in your home or office. Spider plants also make little 'babies' that you can root and grow. They come in a wide variety of greens and whites too.

These are a true gem. Why you may ask? Because the pothos plant (Epipremnum aureum) can handle low light situations, but this variety is neon in color. This adds such a great color to any room - especially a dark room. I've found that often I don't care for many of the low light option plants in the world - but the neon pothos has changed me. These grow relatively fast, are pretty low maintenance and can grow up to 10 feet long. LOVE.

So if you're ever in need of some new greens for your home or office, just ask. We can provide any plant for your light situation, hanging situation or just everyday plant advice. Come test us!