beach style


One thing we love about San Francisco is the always changing weather. Not only is it something to constantly talk about (even if it's to complain), but it allows for multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day. You can always find us trying to match vintage with new, neutrals with colors, and layers upon layers of course. Here are some of the looks we are into this fall season.  


We carry a mix of vintage and new at Establish, and there are tons of reasons why, one being the hard work has been done for you! Vintage items can be found with the best cuts, in great shape and soooo soft, worn in just right. 

As for the new stuff - well we've fallen in love with Jungmaven. Their combination of hemp and cotton is amazing. There hasn't been a tee, dress or long sleeve that we haven't loved yet. Come check them out in store, you will not be sorry. 

On Hunk #1 The perfect worn in vintage Levi's denim button up, Pendleton beanie
On Erica Jungmaven hemp beach dress, Brass Cactus agate & rope necklace, beach wrap scarf


Blues, blues, blues. We've got your blues. From denim to cotton, everyone looks good in some shade of blue. It's an essential in all our closets. And never too late to add more. 

On Erica  Establish made Sunset tee, vintage turquoise earrings
On Ali  Vintage perfect white tee, Brass Cactus rope and amber necklace, vintage denim skirt, vintage floral button up


Brass is in. Many of our favorite pieces that we have in store right now are made of brass. It's one of the few affordable metals left - and we are pretty happy about that because it's radical. Over time, brass will tarnish and change with the elements. Giving each piece a unique, one-of-a-kind look. 

These two looks are simple at the same time eyecatching...which we highly recommend for all times.  
On Ali  Vintage dress, Tooth N' Nail brass necklace, "The Keepah" Cuff
On Erica  JungMaven Beach Dress, Constellation Necklace, "The Keepah" cuff


We know it's trendy, but has it ever gone out of style? Stripes are a classic. They look good combined with other patterns, layers and textures. Everyone should have some form of stripes in their reserve.

On Erica  Jungmaven striped pocket tee, vintage black skirt, Marisa Mason turquoise necklace, brass Roost necklace
On Hunk #1  Pendleton 2015 button up, Jungmaven striped pocket tee

And don't forget - we are here to help. So if you want to try any look but aren't sure how to make it happen, just ask!