petit point turquoise

IN LOVE: vintage turquoise rings

Part of the love of having a store is the FIND. Finding vintage, one of a kind pieces to fill our shelves and walls is part of the thrill of what makes Establish unique.

Recently we took a ''quick'' road trip from San Francisco to New Mexico. The reason it was quick was we only had six days, and it's not a short drive. Luckily, the van drives fast.

Along the way, I got the chance to stop at multiple little shops, towns and markets to check out some of the local flair. Low and behold, what did I find? Ridiculously, amazing, beautiful – turquoise. I've always had a love of turquoise. But this trip refreshed my memory of my love like a nice jump into Ocean Beach.

I loved seeing all the different styles of turquoise jewelry and immediately fell in love with Petit Point and Needlepoint jewelry. Once I returned from the trip, I took some time to figure out what each of these pieces mean. Here's a quick low down of the difference.

The needlepoint style has many tiny, carefully matched cabochons (is a gemstone which has been shaped and polished as opposed to faceted) with pointed ends placed in straight or curved lines and set.

This type of turquoise is Zuni produced and often is confused with Needlepoint. Petit Point is a slightly different version in which the stones are teardrop-shaped.

Next time your near, come in and we will show you! These rings are insane...and will never go out of style.