Why our customers are my favorites

At Establish, we have a constantly evolving stock. While we do carry products from some of our favorite artists around San Francisco and the US, we also carry many one of a kind pieces. From products we make in store to found treasures, you never know what you are going to find...and what you will miss if it's swooped up before you get it! Without our great customers though, we wouldn't be able to take the risks to carry what we do.

When I go on buying trips, wherever it may be (nope, I still won't tell you!), as I'm on the hunt I find things that remind me of certain customers. Even if you've visited us just one time, I still on occasion find things that will remind me of your style for some reason or another. I feel pretty grateful that you customers not only shop here, but that each of you have your own badass style! 

So I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for being you - and if you don't live near and visit us - here's a little display of what some of our great customers have done with things they've found here.  (Special thanks to @savvyyogi, @thesaladdays, @danparry22, @bleep_blop, @sunshineinthefog, @xoprettyinpeach, @aftrhours, @caitathome, and @chloefleury)